BCCI President Sourav Ganguly Says, Team India Players Refused To Play 5th Test Against England .

The Board of Control for Cricket in India president Sourav Ganguly said their players wouldn’t play the fifth and last Test against England because of COVID-19 concerns and rejected that the impending Indian Premier League had any impact in the choice. The Old Trafford Test was dropped last Friday scarcely two hours before its planned beginning as the travelers, who were driving the series 2-1, neglected to handle a side after their physiotherapist tried positive for COVID-19.

“The players wouldn’t play yet you can’t fault them,” Ganguly disclosed to The Telegraph paper on Monday (September 13).

“Physio Yogesh Parmar was a close-by contact of the players … he blended uninhibitedly with the players and surprisingly played out their COVID-19 tests. He likewise used to give them a back rub, he was important for their regular daily existences.

“The players were crushed when they came to realize that he had tried positive for COVID-19. They dreaded they more likely than not gotten the sickness and were dead terrified.”

Previous England chief Michael Vaughan has recommended that India’s players were ‘froze’ of testing positive ahead of the IPL, which resumes on September 19 within the United Arab Emirates. Yet, England and Wales Cricket Board CEO Tom Harrison has said the dropping steered beyond the IPL and Ganguly repeated those remarks.

“The BCCI won’t ever be an unreliable board. We esteem different sheets as well,” he said, adding that the match is probably going to be held as an oddball match one year from now.

The BCCI has presented to play two extra T20 internationals in England one year from now following the latest possible moment crossing out of the fifth Test in Manchester because of COVID-19 concerns. As indicated by a Daily Mail report, “Be that as it may, the deal – intended to assist with facilitating a likely setback of 40 million pounds in English cricket’s as of now extended spending plan – would be rather than, not just as, the rescheduled Test. The proposal of a rescheduled Test actually stands.”

It might rely upon whether the different telecasters, who paid 25 million pounds for the rights to the Old Trafford Test, would agree to two nights’ cricket instead of five entire days. “There is likewise the subject of corporate cordiality, tickets, and food and drink, with the expected take advantage of a full match game – over 10m pounds for the Manchester game – far in abundance of what a couple of T20s could produce,” the report added.

India will be back in England the following summer for three T20 and three one-day internationals, all fit into the primary fortnight in July.

In the mean time, there is still disarray over the consequence of the Test series, which India drove 2-1 preceding the ‘dropped’ game. The ECB has kept in touch with the world cricket administering body (ICC) to determine the destiny of the dropped fifth Test at Old Trafford.

It is discovered that the ECB needs the ICC’s Dispute Resolution Committee to resolve the issue and expect that a relinquishment would be conceded so they can guarantee protection as they will lose around 40 million pounds if the match is pronounced deserted because of COVID-19 and India will win the series 2-1. Be that as it may, if England get a relinquishment according to the DRC administering, it will be a 2-2 decision and the host country can likewise guarantee protection.

Notwithstanding, till Sunday the ICC authorities had said they haven’t got any such mail from the ECB at this point.

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