“He Can Make The Match One-sided”: Virender Sehwag Names His First Pick In Indian Team For Pakistan Match



The hearts of fans are beating faster with each passing hour, with the India-Pakistan showdown in the 2021 T20 World Cup just dawning. While fans and pundits are still pondering which combination the Indian team should go for against their rivals, former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag picked his “top pick” on the roster. 

One of the team’s positions that were interviewed was that of a versatile pacebowling player. Hardik Pandya always having to resume his role of versatile, Shardul Thakur has been integrated into the Indian team in place of Axar Patel in the last 15 teams. 

While some have supported Shardul to be included in the 11-a-side game against Hardik, Sehwag believes the latter should be the Indian team’s first choice as he can make the game “one-sided”. 

The type of hitter he is, if he clicks he will make the play one way and finish it. He has the talent, which he has proven time and time again. Yes, if it was in the form of bowling it would have been the icing on the cake … “, he said on Cricbuzz.

Speaking about his team lineup, Sehwag thinks the Indian team should pick 5 traditional bowlers from the team plus Hardik. For the former India opener, Hardik will be the first choice due to his ability to change the course of the game at will. 

You should go with five other bowlers if Hardik Pandya or someone else from the toporder throws overs, that will be the perfect team for me … His serve is definitely a concern. If he’s not fit or hitting well in the net you might be able to see another hitter or else he will be my first choice. 

Hardik didn’t look great with the mass of the Mumbai Indians in the 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL). He hasn’t even pitched a single for the franchise as questions about his place in the squad. Indian for the T20 World Cup. As it stands, however, it looks like Hardik will retain a place on the team as a pure hitter.

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