Securing Year-Round Franchise Deals: The Importance of Having a Seat at the Table


Reece Topley, the left-arm seamer from England, believes that the first season of Major League Cricket (MLC) has introduced “a career path that likely extends beyond your time in international cricket.” He further expresses that more global leagues will significantly benefit the sport worldwide.

Topley, who is making a comeback after a series of unfortunate injuries, including a twisted ankle that forced him to withdraw from England’s successful T20 World Cup campaign in Australia last year, recently spoke at the launch of KP Snacks’ community cricket pitches initiative.

In partnership with the Hundred, this initiative aims to finance the construction of 100 new astroturf wickets over the next three years.

The Hundred faces challenges following the highly successful inaugural season of the USA’s Major League Cricket (MLC).

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These challenges have been further intensified by the recent news of Rashid Khan, one of the most prominent international players in this year’s tournament, withdrawing from his participation with Trent Rockets.

Khan cited an unspecified injury, which he revealed just hours after delivering an impressive performance of 3 for 9 in MI New York’s triumph in the MLC final held in Dallas.

Rashid regretted the news and mentioned his hope to return for the 2024 event. However, his decision has further highlighted concerns regarding the Hundred’s ability to attract top cricketers worldwide.

Rashid had signed a lucrative contract with the Rockets, earning £125,000, placing him in the top bracket of players. He was set to receive a pro-rata salary for three matches before joining Afghanistan’s Asia Cup campaign in September.

However, the amount of money offered by the MLC was much higher, with a sum of US$ 175,000 for a minimum of five matches over two-and-a-half weeks.

These opportunities are valuable for Topley, who performed exceptionally well in England’s white-ball team last year, becoming highly sought after in the franchise circuit.

This is especially true considering his tendency to get injured and the fact that, at 29 years old, his time as a top-level cricketer is limited.

Like his England teammate Jason Roy, who ended his ECB incremental contract early to play for LA Knight Riders in this year’s MLC, Topley had also contemplated participating in the inaugural event.

However, this decision became irrelevant when he dislocated his shoulder during his first match for Royal Challengers Bangalore in this year’s IPL.

I have made the cricket scene stagnant, including the Big Bash, the Blast, and the IPL. Introducing these new T20 tournaments has brought fresh air, highlighting the importance of continuous reinvention and striving for success as a business within the leagues themselves. Healthy competition is beneficial.

Reece Topley is a professional cricketer.

However, he is already considering his options for the 2024 event. Reports suggest that other England players, like Jofra Archer, are offered lucrative contracts to participate in various T20 tournaments yearly. In light of this, he has made up his mind about the current trajectory of the sport.

He said that if you choose not to go to the MLC, it’s as if you’re rejecting a potential career path that may last longer than your international career.

I don’t mean to imply that it is more important than playing for England. However, all-year contracts will be introduced into the game.

Having a seat at the table is advantageous rather than being left behind, as it is inevitable. You need to embrace the change fully.

We have now successfully crossed that bridge. The players will let their feet do the talking by prioritizing their actions.

The fees are widely known. Determining how much someone is willing to sell their soul is possible.

“I must say, it appears to be a very impressive setup,” he commented as he observed the inaugural MLC from a distance.

There has been a significant amount of investment, which is pleasing. This idea has evolved from a mere seed in someone’s mind, and based on the feedback from those who have seen it, it is an up-and-coming product. Having a more significant number of tournaments in different countries is beneficial.

Reece Topley has been out of action since he dislocated his shoulder while playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in this year’s IPL.

Topley’s comments are likely to cause concern for the ECB. They are already facing a challenging month with the start of the Hundred coinciding with the MLC and an exciting Ashes campaign that just ended at the Kia Oval, shortly before the opening matches between Trent Rockets and Southern Brave in Nottingham.

Despite reports suggesting that the tournament may undergo review after this season, it is currently bound by the ECB’s existing rights agreement with Sky Sports. This agreement is set to remain in effect until 2028.

Topley expressed relief that he is not responsible for providing a rebuttal, as that task falls to the governing body such as the ECB, Cricket Australia, or any relevant authority.

They have a challenging task ahead of them because it seems inevitable that year-round contracts will be implemented rather than a question of whether they will be implemented.

I understand that [MLC] conflicts with our schedule, but there is sufficient availability for everyone. The CPL is also coming up soon.

A vast number of leagues are available, and it will be intriguing to observe how you manage to retain the talent.

The emergence of more leagues is beneficial. Competition motivates individuals to enhance their performance.

Including the Big Bash, the Blast, and the IPL had brought some excitement, but over time, it started to feel repetitive.

These tournaments have brought fresh air, highlighting the importance of continuous innovation and striving for success as a business within the leagues themselves. Healthy competition is beneficial.


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