Shane Watson Said, Rishabh Pant Is A Match Winner, He Wants To See Him To Play With Freedom!

Former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson advised Delhi Capitals skipper Rishabh Pant to play freely on the pitch before qualifying 2 against the Kolkata Knight Riders on Wednesday. He added that Pant must have an air of arrogance and confidence in his serve, when he’s at his best with the bat.

“My advice to Rishabh Pant is to play with freedom, to have that air of arrogance and confidence that he does when at his best like he did in his last game against CSK, those six hands. absolutely crazy, the skills he has, and for me the advice would be to go out and have that confidence, ”Watson said in the play program. Plan by Star Sports.

Watson also called the 24-year-old Pant a “match winner” who can take the game from the opposition very quickly. Don’t let situations, leaders dictate how you play. Go out and play free, take the game. If you think you can field a bowler, then fully engage and take him because he uses he’s a winner of the game. He can take the game off the opponents very quickly and everyone wants to see him, the team wants to see him and he as the leader wants to see him too.

Watson, who won the IPL Trophies as a member of the Rajasthan Royals in 2008 and the Chennai Super Kings in 2018, praised the Kolkata Batting Order.

“KKR has really changed things. Since Shubman Gill and Iyer (Venkatesh) started to open the bar and really face the game. You can see a big change between the first leg of the IPL in India and that of the UAE. The intensity they showed from the first ball was very evident and I’m able to take advantage of that in the first six overs.

”And because Tripathi (Rahul) in particular was so good in the overs centers, he created a platform for KKR to change things. So these young trailblazers, their intention is exactly what their team needed to be able to get the start that the batting unit could really absorb and get the totals. they can’t wait to win. ”concluded the 40-year-old.

Kolkata and Delhi meet on Wednesday in Qualifying 2 in Sharjah. The winner of this crucial clash will face the Chennai Super Kings in the 2021 IPL Final in Dubai on Friday.

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